Letter: Nardello can get done what needs to be done


To the editor,

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, Prospect Democrats will have the opportunity to choose Vickie Nardello as our state senatorial candidate for the 16th District.

I have known Vickie for over 20 years. During that time, I have come to admire and appreciate her incredible work ethic and ability to assimilate and evaluate volumes of information. During the time Vickie served as Prospect’s representative in the 89th House District, she demonstrated time and again that she is a champion of health care and education, as well as a consummate researcher and wholly dedicated to listening to her constituents and improving life for all citizens of Connecticut.

I do not expect to agree with every vote my representatives make, and indeed, I have not. More importantly, I want my state senator to take the responsibility seriously, be of high moral character and make informed votes, rather than just go along with a party line. Without a doubt, Vickie has always taken her responsibility seriously, always does her research and is not timid about addressing challenging issues. She knows how to listen, investigate and evaluate data and opinion to ultimately make well-informed decisions. In addition, she is very well-respected in Hartford and has demonstrated her ability to get done what needs to be done.

If all our representatives and senators were of Vickie Nardello’s high caliber, the word “politician” would be a word of honor and respect, as it ideally should be, rather than one of derision.  I whole heartedly encourage all Prospect Democrats to vote for Vickie Nardello to represent Prospect, Cheshire, Southington, Waterbury and Wolcott as our senator in the 16th District in the Aug. 14 primary.

Theresa Cocchiola-Graveline


The writer is a member of the Prospect Town Council.