Letter: More needs to be done to stop speeders


To the editor,

I am writing this letter because the state and local police are doing nothing to stop speeders and reckless drivers that are out there every day. Now, our genius governor [proposed] to close a state police barracks in Bethany. Why not close all the barracks and let all the state police go?

As a member of the Republican Town Committee in Naugatuck, I stand with everyone who wants to keep Troop I in Bethany. My expressions are my own and are not about any other organization.

The state and local police need to work together and trap Route 8 two to three times a week and let these idiot drivers know that the will be stopped and fined. Maybe they might find a few repeat offenders. You never know until you try.

Bill Kovaks


Editor’s note: It was announced after this letter was submitted that the Troop I barracks will remain open.