Letter: Minimum wage will never be enough


To the editor,

There is always going to be a minimum wage, thus minimum wage issues and arguments. Whether that wage is $10 or $100 per hour it will never be enough for whomever is working for minimum wage.

A person does not have to have a PhD or even a master’s degree, but if they can’t understand the reasoning behind it, that’s a lot of BS.

Minimum wage is usually paid to entry level and unskilled workers. If the unskilled workforce is going to get a substantial increase, this will generate a domino effect. Semi-skilled and highly-skilled wage earners and people with higher educations will also want increases.

As the rates of increases go up the ladder, so will price indexes. In order to give employees at each successive level and create equality, the prices of merchandise and services will have to be raised. It is simple economics.

It is one big vicious circle. Once again the minimum wage will not be enough.

In order to counteract that situation an unskilled worker needs to better himself or herself by getting more education or skilled training.

All those wage increases are coming out of our pockets, not those of Gov. Malloy or President Obama.

And how about the seniors who live on low, minimal incomes who don’t get all those wage increases but still do have to pay for all the price increases?

Virginia Donnelly