Letter: Mature thing is to accept outcome of election


To the editor,

When citizens participate in an election, whether it be local, state or national, they should remember a few things.

Number one, you should know the issues at stake. This is the difficult part because the majority of the news outlets favor their candidates. Listen to both sides of the issues and promises made and decide by yourself who would be the best for the town, state or nation.

Last but not least you should be mature enough to accept the outcome. If you can’t handle the outcome perhaps you shouldn’t vote at all.

The protestors marching in the street along with illegals are pathetic to say the least.

The previous eight years was not my choice and probably millions of others. The major difference between those that saw their candidates lose the previous two elections is we did not march in the street like immature children but accepted the results like grown mature people.

I think all of you people that are marching in the street against our duly elected President are pathetic to say the least.

David Scott

Beacon Falls