Letter: Markley has experience, record to be a great conservative voice in Hartford


To the editor,

I will vote yes for Joe Markley because Joe Markley votes no.

Being a resident of Prospect for 11 years has allowed me the privilege to have met state Sen. Joe Markley on many occasions. Joe attends many of Prospect’s Republican Town Committee meetings and events. His updates on the Capitol are eye-opening and educating.

I’ve heard the recent radio ads “vote no for Joe.” Thankfully Joe voted no for the two largest takes hikes in Connecticut history. He also voted no to the early release of violent felons as well as the very expensive and unnecessary bus way and Gov. Malloy’s dangerous agenda. I will be voting yes for Joe Markley for lieutenant governor on Tuesday, Aug. 14 for the very reason that he does vote no. Joe does not just cast a yes vote to go with the crowd. He reads the entire bill and if he feels there are things in the bill that will not benefit his constituents, he votes no at the risk of being unpopular.

So before falling for his opponents’ misrepresentations of Joe’s voting record, do your research. Joe Markley has the conservative experience and record to become a great conservative voice for us in Hartford. I encourage you to check the facts, and when you do, you too will be voting yes for Joe Markley for lieutenant governor

Brenda Martin



  1. Great letter!

    Markley has three important things going for him in the Lt Governor race:

    1. He’s a man who puts his constituents’ needs first.
    2. He’s a man of integrity.
    3. He’s a man who understands Connecticut’s economy and will take steps to undo problems caused by the incompetence of Dan Malloy.