Letter: Labriola has a proven track record


To the editor,

Whether choosing a doctor, a mechanic or a roofer people always select a person with experience and a proven track record. They select someone in whom they trust. The same should be true when entering the voting booth on Nov. 6.

Voters of the 131st District in Oxford, Naugatuck and Southbury have one clear choice when it comes to experience and trust, and that is David Labriola. Over the years he has served the district, David has consistently fought against higher taxes and to improve the business climate in the state by supporting small businesses. He has been a clear and steady voice in support of the environment and the people of his district as well.

As a legislative leader, David Labriola has won the respect of his fellow legislators, on both sides of the aisle, for his steady and thoughtful approach. In his years as state representative he has proven again and again that hard work and a good working knowledge of the job at hand is essential to achieving results.

The last thing we need at this crucial time is an inexperienced person voting in lockstep with the Democratic Party’s disastrous economic policies. David Labriola has consistently proven himself to be part of the solution rather than the problem and deserves our support.

I urge voters to vote with me for David Labriola on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Don Carten