Letter: Itemized list of toll calls should be provided


To the editor,

I recently received my phone bill in the mail. I noticed I did not get a page of my itemized toll calls. I called Frontier and spoke to a very nice man. He told me it would be taken care of today, May 2, 2015. I received a duplicate bill, but no page of toll calls.

I called back and spoke to another man. He told me they do not send a page of toll calls. He told me because of security. I said what security. He said mine.

I told him it’s my right to have a copy of my own toll calls. Where upon he told me I would have to get a court order or subpoena. I was very taken back by this answer. What kind of company is Frontier when they tell customers that they cannot have their own private information?

I feel Frontier should get out of the business. Someone else should take over. We live in a free state, so what is Frontier trying to prove. How stupid are they?

If people were to get a court order or subpoena, how would the get the information? They do not keep records of toll calls the man told me. Something should be done because it’s not fair to the Frontier customers not to be able to get their own private information.

Donna Colak

Beacon Falls