Letter: Immigration problem leads to health issues


To the editor,

Back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s the most prominent contagious afflictions were childhood diseases such as measles, mumps and the chicken pox. There also was the common cold that made the rounds.

Then in the mid 60’s the immigration rate from European countries was drastically reduced. Those immigrants were closely documented and monitored. However, following the reduction of immigration for Europe there seemed to be an “open door” policy that enabled any third world immigrants to enter our country. Consequently, there has been less and less documentation or monitoring of health issues related to these third world people coming into the USA.

Then in the 80’s along came AIDS. It started out slowly and increased to massive amounts of the population. AIDS did not originate in our country.

Next, a great variety of flu viruses with foreign sounding names that our serums couldn’t that all originated from foreign countries.

U.S. officials have been promoting globalization for many years, but their efforts are worth crap.
Immigration officials have no idea, no accounting of immigrants — where they come from, where they’ve gone, how they are living and also no knowledge of any health issues the immigrants are experiencing or have brought into this country.

Now, in 2014, someone brought Ebola into the USA. Ebola is spreading and difficult to contain. This is an emergency. Close the borders.

Virginia Donnelly