Letter: Hess will hit the ground running 


To the editor,

If there was any time in recent Naugatuck history when the perfect candidate was postured to become mayor it is now. With the recent announcement that a legitimate real estate developer is ready to purchase our land known as Parcels A and B and invest their own money, Mr. Hess is my choice as the front man. He has been so passionate about making the downtown area the envy of the Naugatuck Valley for more than a decade.

We learned a painful lesson and lost years of valuable time putting our time and talents behind a so called developer full of promises ready to spend other people’s money. I am convinced that Mr. Hess has unmatched talent in the area of development, finance and the wherewithal to see the dream of many finally come true. I recall a time when he was ready to invest a large sum of his own money to construct a theater.

The purse strings on the state and federal level are controlled by Democrats whether or not we like the stark truth that politics is politics. It will be much easier for a Democrat to get phone calls returned. Mr. Hess is a gentleman who does his homework before opening his mouth. To say that he will hit the ground running would be a huge understatement. He already has his running shoes on and is waiting for the starting pistol to echo.

Barb Gaspar DeAngelo