Letter: Hess is the viable choice for Naugatuck


To the editor,

I write this letter in support of attorney N. “Pete” Warren Hess III as mayor for the Town of Naugatuck. I have known attorney Pete Hess in a professional capacity for many years and consider him a genuine colleague and friend.

Pete Hess is an intelligent, professional, and articulate individual who has dedicated his life to providing a variety of professional legal services to the community of Naugatuck. Attorney Hess is an expert in land use and development and has served as town counsel on many land use matters. Pete’s expertise in this area is invaluable to the future long term development of Naugatuck.

Pete Hess is now committing his time and energy to serve the citizens of Naugatuck to improve our town’s growth and prosperity through thoughtful, well-planned goals and strategies which will enable the Town of Naugatuck to grow and prosper once again.

The only viable choice for the Town of Naugatuck’s future is to elect N. Warren “Pete” Hess as mayor.

Kathleen Donovan