Letter: Hess is the right choice


To the editor,

Warren “Pete” Hess has taken the political stage like a breath of fresh air and should garner overwhelming support at the polls. Although Pete has been very involved in Borough politics and economic and real estate development in his roles of longtime resident, property owner, businessman, and attorney at law, he has carved out his professional career not as a politician but as a highly successful and well respected attorney. This sets him apart as he seeks the title of Mayor not for his own good but for the good of the people of Naugatuck.

Pete is invested heavily in Naugatuck because he believes in the ability of Naugatuck to move forward. Although that movement has been stagnant in recent years for a variety of reasons, Pete has the business expertise and experience to jump start the renaissance Naugatuck has been desperately waiting for. Most importantly, Pete has not only an impressive intellect but also proven problem solving skills and an ability to bring people and their ideas together, the end result of which will be successful solutions to the difficult issues facing the Borough.

Lastly, I have known Pete personally, as a colleague and sometime adversary for 25 years, and can attest to the character and integrity that has brought him so much professional success. Naugatuck will be fortunate to call him their mayor.

Danielle S. Rado