Letter: Hess is clear choice for mayor


To the editor,

Naugatuck voters have two very clear choices for mayor in November. Tamath Rossi has voted in favor of every local tax increase that we’ve been stuck with for the past 12 years. It would be foolish to think that anything would change in that regard if she’s elected mayor. She is part of the problem in Naugatuck, not the solution.

Pete Hess understands we have to change course. He knows what’s needed is a new focus on bringing businesses to town to offset the tax burden on homeowners. Smart growth of our community is the only way we’ll stop the vicious cycle of continuous tax increases that make it harder and harder to live here.

We could elect a candidate that offers more of the same and has already proved she’ll only pay lip service to keeping taxes in check. But the better choice is the candidate with a plan that can actually ensure it doesn’t get any more difficult to stay in Naugatuck.

I strongly encourage my fellow voters to support Pete Hess on Nov. 3.

Carl Lawson