Letter: Hess has the zest to get things done


To the editor,

On Nov. 3, the residents of Naugatuck will elect a new mayor. Pete Hess is the town’s only hope and here is why:

During the last 15 years plus, many of my friends and I have watched as our beloved town went downhill. Pete Hess has lived in Naugatuck all his life. I grew up with Pete and have watched him become the success he is today. Pete has a stake in Naugatuck. He believes in Naugatuck. He will correct the things that brought Naugatuck down. Pete Hess has the zest to get things done; he won’t spend time talking about things, he will give it his all and will make things happen.

I lived in Naugatuck from 1949 through 1995, served on the Borough Board for six years, ran for mayor in 1989 and became deputy mayor from 1991 to 1993, before leaving politics. My family either lives in Naugatuck or owns property.

Although I do not live in Naugatuck today, I still care about what I still call “my hometown.”

Please vote for Pete Hess on Nov. 3 to begin to bring back Naugatuck to where it was.

Ray Adamaitis