Letter: Gun control supporters have bodyguards


To the editor,

I would like to get a simple answer from folks wanting to restrict gun ownership like President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Do your bodyguards carry guns?

I think this says it all.

Ray Kunz

Beacon Falls


  1. Issue is that they refuse to accept publically that their GFZ (gun free zones) is what truly is the cause of most of the major shootings being reported. While mental health and radicalism plays heavily into most of the latest shootings, if there were no GFZs those who carry have stopped many potential tragedies prior to the police showing. Or designated and trained guards in schools would also be the first line of defense. And to thought that if guns were gone there would be no tragedies is a joke since those that want to inflict would find other means. I don’t see manure and rental trucks being targeted after Oklahoma.

    What most people who are not involved with this refuses to accept is that there is a strong movement in the Govt to take away all firearms from the public – to disarm. Just look at the SHC (Sandy Hook Commission) that released their report conveniently a month after the Danny was reelected. They said very clearly that their recommendations is anything that can be hold 10 rounds and can be reloaded with a magazine needs to be outlawed. That is all handguns short or revolvers, most hunting rifles, etc. And they also talked about speedloaders so that meant they would be going after revolvers next. There are a few states that are battle proving grounds and unfortunately we live in one of them.