Letter: Great to have neighborhood establishments


To the editor,

Just a note to say I heartily agree with Mr. Genovese whose letter recently appeared in this column regarding our stores at Marty’s Corner. How great it is to have neighborhood establishments again on Quinn Street.

We lost two new grocery stores in this location recently, probably for lack of support, and it would be a shame to allow our pizza restaurant and grocery store to once again suffer the same fate.

We all have a favorite local pizza restaurant and of course almost everyone has a favorite on Wooster Street in New Haven, but why can’t the Quinn Street pizza restaurant be a second favorite?

Although I knew none of the people involved in these establishments in the past, I’m happy to welcome them to the neighborhood and wish them good luck.

Now, perfection would be an ice cream parlor/candy store/over-the-counter pharmacy on the corner — who knows, maybe in the future.

Carolle Lago