Letter: Graveline’s dedication is unwavering


To the editor,

There are only a few times in every community where the chance to make an impact happens.  As residents of Prospect that time for us is now. Theresa Cocchiola Graveline is the person we need as mayor, and the Row “A” team are the people who will help her deliver the solutions required to write Prospect’s next chapter.

As the current chairperson of the Prospect DTC, I have been inspired by the leadership and enthusiasm Theresa has for both the town and for the residents of Prospect. Her dedication to serving on the Town Council has been unwavering; the commissions and boards that have been developed with her guidance (open space and anti-blight to name two) have flourished and delivered on their goals and objectives. That is the definition of effective and efficient government — set a goal, organize your team, make your plan and achieve the results. The time is now to choose our next chapter.

Eileen Cranney

Chairperson, Democratic Town Committee