Letter: Grateful for help from Lions Club


To the editor,

This is a note of thanks to some who have recently helped me. It is easier for me to offer help to someone than to ask for help, and I would have preferred to send a personal note of thanks or to shake their hands, but for the most part I don’t know their names.

In a casual conversation with a friend, I mentioned my medical and financial/insurance situation at the time and he offered help through an organization he belonged to, The Lions Club of Beacon Falls. Three of the members, John Conte, Mike Carrafiello and Larry Hutvagner, my “angels,” took an active interest in my cataract problem and working with Opti-Care, and unknown to me, did a fundraiser in my name. Being a locally published (without compensation) freelance photographer, I was extremely grateful when my sight was restored to my eye by Dr. Brinnig.

It is my intention to repay the funds raised to the Lions Club of Beacon Falls, not only “pay it forward” but allowing those who have helped me to help someone else and hopefully my other angels who had made a donation in my name will “see” this and know how grateful I am, and know I would like to thank all those who helped me from the bottom of my heart. Anyone interested in making a donation to their fund can do so by sending it to “Eye Operation Fund,” 1 Lady Slipper Drive, Beacon Falls, CT 06403.

Markanthony Izzo