Letter: Governor should sign state budget bill


To the editor,

Several local town officials are speaking out. They are urging the governor to sign the bipartisan state budget bill which was passed by the Connecticut House and Senate two weeks ago.

I am speaking out, too. Here’s why:

Beacon Falls would lose no funding in our plan. Naugatuck would see an increase of more than $500,000 in 2019.

I was proud to join with Democrats and Republicans to pass a plan which: increases k-12 education funding. We do it with a formula that takes into account poverty, enrollment and number of English Language Learners in order to help our neediest communities; does not shift teacher pension costs onto towns and cities, a cost that could fall on the backs of teachers, schools and property taxpayers; does not tax your cell phones; has no new tax on non-prescription drugs and medicines; has no real estate conveyance tax hike; has no sales tax hike; has no tax hike on restaurants; has no property tax hikes; has no income tax hikes; has no tolls or mileage taxes; has no home heating oil and propane energy taxes.

Our plan restores funding for core services to our neediest and most vulnerable residents, including job opportunities for people with disabilities, mental health grants, substance abuse treatment to combat the opioid epidemic, the CT Home Care program, which allows seniors to stay in their homes rather than being forced into nursing homes, Care4Kids, and Meals on Wheels.

To control and reduce state government spending, our plan contains an enforceable cap on state spending, requires an effective cap on state borrowing, requires the legislature to vote on state labor contracts, eliminates tuition waivers that currently allow UConn employees and their dependents to attend UConn for free, while continuing to provide a significant $1 billion in state aid to UConn and UConn Health Center over two years.

Finally, when you see and read about folks complaining about a lack of a state budget, remember this: The governor and Democrat leaders have yet to offer a budget that can actually be passed by the General Assembly. That’s a fact.

Meanwhile, the legislature has, in fact, passed a budget. And it’s on Gov. Malloy’s desk. It’s a budget that aims to steer our state in a new and sustainable direction.

The only way chaos can ensue now is if Gov. Malloy decides to veto this budget that has the support of Democrats and Republicans.

I urge area taxpayers to contact Gov. Malloy and urge him to “sign the bipartisan plan” at governor.malloy@ct.gov and at 860-566-4840.

And while you’re at it tell him what he can do with that ridiculous cell phone tax idea.

George S. Logan


The writer is a Republican state senator representing the 17th District, which includes all or part of Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Derby, Hamden, Naugatuck and Woodbridge.