Letter: Governor resorts to labeling opposition 


To the editor,

I got quite a chuckle the other evening while watching Gov. Dannel Malloy comment on the rejection of his nominee, Judge Andrew McDonald, for chief justice of Connecticut’s Supreme Court. Rather than issuing a short gracious statement, during his longwinded near tantrum he resorted to the time-tested method of the Left of labeling anyone who opposes their agenda as homophobes, racists or sexists. Traditionally, this method has worked quite well on both the state and national levels. After all, in the hypersensitive world we live in no one wants to be labeled in this way.

I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks to the men and women of the state legislature who had the courage to stand up to this sort of bullying and vote for what was best for the state. The last thing we need is a chief justice with a far left personal agenda, as demonstrated by his appalling voting record. Hopefully, we will see more of this sort of bravery in the future.

The governor went on to state that Connecticut embarrassed itself with this vote. I strongly disagree. I believe we embarrassed ourselves when we elected Dan Malloy as governor.

Don Carten