Letter: Governor raiding designated appropriations


To the editor,

It would be a joke but it is not funny. Our clueless Governor sees fit to plunder designated appropriations to help fill in shortfalls in the budget.

Many specific funds were voted on by our legislators to support programs deemed in need and worthy of funding. Now, along comes our Governor, Mr. Clueless, to plunder them and fill in shortfalls in programs of his choosing that were set up as unjustified projects in the first place.

This behavior is not unique. Remember when income from the casinos was to be used only for education? And wasn’t gasoline tax to be used for infrastructure?  How about the excise tax on sporting goods? Wasn’t that for ecological improvements?

Something tells that all these elected guys are cast in the same mold.

To his credit, he plans to reduce the excess labor force but again he misses the mark. His reductions are aimed at specific areas that are needed and not those that are really trivial. Let’s stop all the “freebies.” Make those benefiting from the free stuff work for them. If you want free meals for your kids in school, instead of at home, then let’s put in some hours of community service.

These adjustments should also include elimination of the unreasonable benefits to government employees. It is an accepted fact that they were put in place to simply buy votes.

Our welfare society, along with the political payoff system fostered by labor unions, must be brought to a screaming halt.

Ray Kunz

Beacon Falls