Letter: Get out and vote


To the editor,

Whatever new rules and regulations are made in Naugatuck are enforced, it is said to be a result of a study or survey done by the accounting firm of BlumShapiro. Where are these statistics derived from?

Do they know and understand the needs of Naugatuck citizens? This is not Fairfield, Stamford, Westport or the Hamptons. We are not of that breed.

All the individual branches of goodness, humanity and humility, honesty, respect, decency and trust, and good moral judgment, important core qualities that combine and interact are being nullified and dehumanized by groups of mysterious statistics.

Many people are losing what were sensitive, secure, stable jobs supposedly with a good future. They will not be able to pay ridiculously high taxes and might not be able to keep their homes.

Now those jobs are being eliminated, and the people are not only cut from the workforce, raises, promotions, good medical coverage that’s ongoing — far from what any union employees get.

No one ever promised us that life is fair. Life is not fair. But, when all these people’s jobs are eliminated without recourse, yet certain unionized groups are continually rewarded with pay raises, double and sometimes triple pensions, paid vacations, education and ongoing medical coverage by the town — what kind of quality of life does this offer the taxpayers paying for it?

Some pensions are stacked and have additives so that they are higher than the normal average monthly pay would be.

If you are fed up and don’t like the high taxes, and the situation in Naugatuck, then vote in the upcoming referendum. The date for the referendum is July 29.
Get out and vote. If you don’t drive ask a friend for a ride, take a bus or a taxi. Or, if you are capable — walk.

Virginia Donnelly