Letter: Fuel cell plant is a sane and logical choice


To the editor,

Beacon Falls First Selectman Christopher Bielik is more astute and more concerned about his constituents and his neighbors than Oxford First Selectman George Temple.

The world’s largest fuel cell electric generating park is being proposed for a quarry site in Beacon Falls. The 66.3 megawatt fuel cell energy park is being proposed by companies all of whom reside in Connecticut. Fuel cells are considered a renewable energy source.

The cell plant will produce tax revenue for Beacon Falls. It’s a sane and logical choice. A choice that everyone can live with. A choice that will not expose anyone to the dangers of a gas/oil fired plant.

If enough of these fuel cell plants were built in Connecticut they would more than make up for CPVs ill-planned vision for providing energy. Towantic Power will be outdated the moment it gets fired up.

Temple is not the only one to blame. Gov. Malloy has repeatedly touted renewable energy, but said little about CPVs plant. Those politicians that have been afraid to render an opinion about this plant are also to blame.

There is a bill proposed in Hartford that would put a three-year expiration date on approvals by the Siting Council for the construction of power plants. Unless granted an extension, certificate holders would also have 10 years to get approved power plants up and running under this legislation. If approved, unfortunately for many of us, it will not be retroactive.

Beacon Falls showed us how to do it right.

Peter Bunzl



  1. Is that your soft attempt at an announcement.
    A lot of noise over in Naugatuck and nothing political in Beacon Falls. After what the DTC did to Mr Smith and Mr Mihalcih we probably won’t see anybody other than one of them ever run again. Not that either of those two were any better.

  2. The devil is in the details, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves and re-elect Mr. Bielik just yet.