Letter: Friends of library thankful for support


To the editor,

On March 27 the Friends of Beacon Falls Library hosted their 6th Annual Letters for our Library Scrabble Challenge. Many thanks to the following sponsors for making our largest annual fundraiser a huge success for the sixth straight year: Ambrocio’s Painting, Beacon Falls Pharmacy, Betkoski Brothers, Conklin Sherman, Gabe’s Service Center, Goldenrod Corporation, Haynes Materials Group, JWB Realty, LLC, Maria’s Tailoring, Naugatuck Valley Savings and Loan, O & G Industries, Martha Melville — independent Pampered Chef consultant, Rydzik & Rydzik, Inc, Urbano & Sons Construction, Barnum Financial Group, Matt Fortney, GQ Village Barber Shop, Big Y Foods, St. Michael’s Ladies Guild, Lioness Club of Beacon Falls, Beacon Falls Lions Club, and the Beacon Falls Rotary Club.

Many thanks to the local groups who competed: Beacon Falls Pharmacy, Beacon Falls Rotary Club, Beacon Falls Board of Selectmen, Beacon Falls Democratic Town Committee and Naugatuck Valley Savings and Loan.

Also, our sincere appreciation to Father Leonard Kvedis for the use of St. Michael’s Church Lyceum, Master of Ceremonies Jack Betkoski, Boy Scout Troop 104 and our team of indispensible volunteers (Tina Agati, Cindy Jurzynski, Barbara Betkoski, Nancy Betkoski, Joe Dowdell, Matt Dowdell, Heather Slater, Josh Kozodoy, Jennifer DiZazzo, Jaime DiZazzo and Grace Beliveau) who made the evening so much fun.

Lastly, to those donating their time or a gift that evening: Diane Betkoski, Sharon Davis, Lurana Siemenski, Elaine Klabonski, Elaine Miner, Ken Priestley, Martha Melville, Eve White, Kristen Lengyel, Eileen Robinson, Salon Luxera, Sophie Zyla, Pat Caldwell, Isabelle and Vin Culotta, Susan Levine, Wanda Mulinski and our library director and Friend, Sue Dowdell, we give our thanks as we could not host this event without you.

Paula Pelletier

President of Friends of Beacon Falls Library


  1. Our library and town are so very lucky to have such a dedicated group of extraordinary individuals! Thank you to all who support their fundraisers to provide for extras at our library.