Letter: Fredericks wants what’s best for Naugatuck


To the editor,

I am writing today to voice my support for a dedicated candidate, Tyler Fredericks, for burgess here in Naugatuck.

I have gotten to know Tyler over the past year. He is respectful and compassionate and I believe that his views on fiscal responsibility, encouraging a business-friendly environment and government accountability are what this borough needs to be successful.

As a long-time town citizen, Tyler is a no-nonsense guy that wants what is best for Naugatuck and ready to serve. I am confident that he will stand up to keep spending in check, amplify the voices of all of us, and make smart, independent decisions to help grow our grand list, which should help alleviate the burden of taxes on borough residents.

I am also sure that he will never forget that government is in place to serve the people, not the other way around.

Please join me in voting 3B for Tyler Fredericks on Nov. 7.

John A. Pinto