Letter: First selectman talks Beacon Falls


To the editor,

Summer is now officially in full swing, and everyone’s thoughts are turning to vacations, local activities, and staying cool. For our recent graduates from Woodland Regional High School, my congratulations on your accomplishments and best wishes as you begin the next chapter in life, wherever that may take you — college or the workforce, here or beyond the borders of Beacon Falls.

Here in town we recently held our annual Family Day celebration. It started early at Matthies Park with our 2nd annual Cardboard Boat Race. Our local Boy Scout troop lived up to their motto of “Be Prepared” by winning the top two spots, and it was gratifying seeing the number of entries increase to 10 total boats this year. The big crowd cheering them all to the finish line attests to the popularity of the event, and it would be great to see even more competitors next year. Also, I’d like to compliment Main Stream Canoes and Kayaks for making the trek all the way from New Hartford to allow demonstration rides on the park’s lake as an alternative to the cardboard boats.

Later that evening, the Pent Road Recreation Complex was filled with families enjoying an almost perfect summer evening, capped with our annual fireworks display. My thanks to Parks and Recreation Chairman Steve Ruhl for his overseeing the details of all the hard work done by everyone on his commission; Mike Krenesky for his vision and enthusiastic promotion of the boat race, as well as his and Bob Egan’s hands in Family Day; the men and women of Beacon Hose Company No. 1 and the Beacon Falls police for keeping everyone safe; and Steve Moffat and Mike Classey from Public Works for maintaining the area for all to enjoy. The shuttle bus system from the Woodland parking lot worked effectively, and I would encourage those of you who enjoy the aerial displays from another location to try coming next year, as the several ground displays of fireworks were among the highlights this year, as was the music of Steve Tilki and his band leading up to the fireworks.

On the local scene, let me start with an advisory notice: There has recently been a rash of break-ins to vehicles parked overnight in private driveways, not just here in town but in a circuit running through Naugatuck and Beacon Falls as well. No damage has occurred, with no signs of forced entry, so please ensure you lock up after parking while also removing anything of value to minimize your exposure. Our police are working diligently with our neighboring towns to apprehend those responsible, so please contact us if you have any information which you think may be helpful in this case.

We have received several pieces of good news recently. First, we were selected to receive an 80/20 matching grant of $48,000 to replace our local transport bus which runs out of the senior center. My thanks to Karen Wilson, Bernie Dionne, Flo Doiron, and also Virginia Mason from the Central Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments for their personal efforts in securing us these funds. We should see the replacement vehicle sometime next year. Also, we received a state grant of over $52,000 to install a high speed fiber optic connection to the state’s Nutmeg Network. We’re hoping to complete our connection by the end of this year, which would greatly improve both reliability and production while also generating savings compared to the current provider at town hall.

Speaking of the Council of Governments, at a town meeting on July 15, Beacon Falls voted to adopt a new ordinance to officially join the newly created Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments; which merged the old Central Naugatuck Valley COG with our four neighbor towns to the south in the former Valley COG, as well as newcomers Bristol and Plymouth. This new 19 town organization will continue to provide the same level of outstanding support to which we are already familiar.

Finally, for those of you making many inquiries here at town hall, we will be having another open day for the transfer station on Saturday, July 26, from 6 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. If you have any questions prior to arrival call our Public Works department to ensure no confusion over what may or may not be acceptable for drop off. Enjoy yourselves, and please stay safe.

Christopher J. Bielik

First Selectman

Beacon Falls