Letter: First Selectman talks Beacon Falls


To the editor,

The calendar may say we have a few days to go, but I’m pleased to say the unofficial kick-off of summer here in Beacon Falls has already been reached with the celebration of the Beacon Hose Company  No. 1’s annual carnival.  Despite the threat of potential downpours, we managed to avoid any wash-out weather [last] Thursday and Friday, leading us into a truly spectacular Saturday night finale.  My thanks to Chief Jim Trzaski and Assistant Chief Brian DeGeorge and EMS Director Joe Chew and Assistant EMS Director Ken George for their leadership, and to this year’s carnival co-directors former Chief Mike Pratt and Jodi DiZazzo for coordinating the efforts of all the members whose time and effort made for such a tremendous and successful weekend of family fun.  Everyone who participated can attest to what an enjoyable event it was.  On behalf of both Selectmen Peter Betkoski and Dominic Sorrentino, we also extend our thanks to our state Sen. Joe Crisco and state Rep. Theresa Conroy for joining us on the reviewing stand to acknowledge the professionalism of all the marchers and vehicles that participated in the parade.  We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Another milestone was finally reached for those of you who either live on or drive down Blackberry Hill Road.  After months of false starts, required permit chasing, and inclement weather, the remains of last year’s fire at 144 Blackberry Hill Road have finally been removed, with complete safety measures adhered to throughout the process.  While there remains some additional site work to be completed, it is minor in comparison to the removal of the debris from the site, and I appreciate the patience and understanding of those residents in the area adjacent to the property.

Around town, I hope you all have noticed the progress being made in addressing the numerous potholes caused by this past, extremely harsh winter.  The road crew is using a triage approach to fix the highest traffic areas first; if your area still has issues, please contact public works.  Chances are they are already aware of the issue, but verifying can’t hurt.  On that list is the town hall parking lot, which is being reviewed for a possible refurbishing later this summer or early in the fall, however temporary measures to improve its condition should be accomplished prior to any such action.

In yet another big milestone for both the town and Region 16, the final review of the architectural and engineering designs for the Laurel Ledge School refurbishment has finally been completed.  That process stalled completely last summer, but thanks to a joint effort between my office, the superintendent of Region 16, the Building Committee, and the Board of Education, the logjam was broken in late February and the final signoffs were recently done.  If all goes according to the plan drafted by Turner Construction, we should break ground during the week of July 7, with several phases of work being accomplished both during summer breaks and during the school year with minimal disruption to the students.

Finally, hearty congratulations are in order for the active role played by EMT’s Mike McGee and Matt Rau, and Officer Caroline O’Bar, who responded to an emergency call late Friday night and ended up delivering Beacon Falls’ newest resident.  Mom and baby boy are doing well, thanks to their total professionalism and team effort.  Well done indeed.

Everyone stay safe, use sunscreen and enjoy the upcoming summer vacation cycle.

Christopher Bielik

First Selectman

Beacon Falls

Editor’s note: This is the monthly Beacon Falls First Selectman’s letter that appears on the town’s website.