Letter: Fill-a-Bus a huge success


To the editor,

The drivers of Student Transportation of America in Naugatuck would like to thank everyone who helped make our Fill-a-Bus event that took place on Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014 a huge success.

We would also like to thank everyone at Wal-Mart and also Stop & Shop in Naugatuck for making it possible to do this for the Naugatuck food bank. We would also like to thank all the drivers and people who volunteered their time, without them this would not have been possible, Stacy Mckenney, Linda Guarente, Nick Gaurente, Jerry Boffen, Christian Boffen, Judee Pratt, Jackie Froliger, Debbie Garrett, Sandy Garrett, Brianna Garrett, Jessica Wyman, Steve Wyman, David Pirro, Kelly Copeland, Martha Struber, Jonathan Struber and Nils Anderson.
Thank you one and all for your generosity.


Student Transportation of America