Letter: ‘Facts’ in letter anything but


To the editor,

I’m almost breathless at Mr. Thomas’s amazing construct (Jan. 1) purporting to warn us all about climate mythology. “The facts” he lists and scoffs at are a mix of fantasy, half-truths and downright lies. Something he doesn’t even mention (I wonder why?) is that virtually every developed nation, with the exception of the USA, totally believes in the dangers of climate change and around 97 percent of world scientists are on record saying we must do something about it.

Should we believe everything we hear on news channels or from our government? Of course not but it won’t do any good, either to deny this phenomena and hide under the bedcovers.

These days, it is easy to access global news reports but I doubt from Mr. Thomas’s seeming conviction that he is in possession of the ultimate truth about everything that he would bother to do this. His statement, that it is “crystal clear” that global warming is just an evil plot to transfer all the wealth of developed nations to the corrupt rulers of third world countries is an incredible blend of ignorance, fear and prejudice — absolute nonsense, in fact. He also warns about “deindustrialization,” which will lead to economic destruction. How about calling this evolution (a word Mr. Thomas also doesn’t like, I imagine).

Humankind has always invented better ways to do things and if we don’t continue to do this the world will never solve its problems. Mr. Thomas cites God and the bible as his inspiration for this diatribe; he must be aware that the bible is a complex work drawing from multiple authors, all with their own ideas and interpretations. One can find support for almost any point of view in the many contradictory stories therein. As for his special relationship with and understanding of God, many intelligent and educated men (and women) have been working their whole lives studying this few, I think, would claim Mr. Thomas’ special position.

Terry Peirce