Letter: Election should come as warning to leaders


To the editor,

To much of my surprise, sitting with my wife watching the election results filter in while our 2-year-old son peacefully slept under the illuminating stars of his night light, there would not be the first female president. Although it shouldn’t come as a surprise to many, it should come as a warning to our elected leaders.

I firmly believe most Americans dislike Donald Trump and strongly disagree with his behavior and underlining social message he adheres to. But economic desperation and anxiety can make the most civil society erratic and ambivalent.

For too long corporate greed and recklessness have been forgiven by a simple campaign donation decade after decade. The financial sector gambled with our futures under the most insidious and nefarious ways and were then recipients of our tax dollars to neaten their balance sheets with no attachments, and then continued a lending freeze that would continue to halter our economy.

Eight years later, no one was prosecuted. Yet millions of hardworking citizens, who get up every day to build a better life for their children, still make on average less than they did before the recession.

This all leads to my final point. The country did not elect Donald Trump. Their anxiety and anger voted for Donald Trump.

Christopher Malizia