Letter: Election is a referendum on the last eight years


To the editor,

This year’s presidential election is unlike anything seen before, in my lifetime anyways. We have two candidates who are far from ideal, but these are the choices we have. In truth, this vote is about much more than either Trump or Clinton. It is a referendum on the last eight years and one final chance to reclaim the sanity of our beloved nation.

The current administration will be remembered as the most corrupt and dictatorial government ever in the history of the United States of America. When Barack Obama ran for President on a promise of hope, change and transparency, people voted for him twice. We know by now that most of what he promised never materialized.

The Affordable Care Act, Obama’s signature legislation, has proven to be the disaster that many predicted it to be. His comments about the legislation before it was voted on won’t soon be forgotten. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” Both of these statements were false. Obama also declared that savings in premiums would be substantial. I believe he lauded a yearly reduction of $2,500 per family. Even former President Bill Clinton recently called the plan crazy.

This administration refuses to fire people who fail to carry out their responsibilities in a legal and moral way. Attorney generals, secretaries of state, directors of the IRS and FBI have not been held accountable for violating citizens’ rights and costing people their lives. Their actions have involved trampling on the Constitution and their inactions have caused Americans to feel less safe.

The Obama presidency has allowed our military to decline and forces it to rely on age-old equipment. The same thing happened under Carter. Ronald Reagan’s administration had to take the initiative and rebuild the military for the safety of our country. It is said that the best defense is a good offense. This principle of leadership has fallen by the wayside.

Putting America first is now considered politically incorrect when it is and always will remain common sense. Obama’s government has created more regulations than any other and most were decreed by illegal Executive Order. The primary effect is that he made it more difficult if not impossible for certain businesses to survive, leading to the loss of jobs. Added to this climate are thousands of illegal immigrants pouring in who are willing to work for low wages.

The reigning presidential party approves of opening borders for illegals and putting restraints on border patrol officers. There have been many cases of immigrants deported for committing serious violent crimes, including rape and murder. After this they return to sanctuary cities where they know they’ll be safe. These are not far away problems. New Haven is a sanctuary city.

We have lived through a decade of lawlessness and decline. If the failed policies of the Obama administration don’t bother you, your choice for President would probably be Hillary Clinton. If you don’t like what has occurred over the past eight years and are concerned about the direction of your country you should vote for Donald Trump.

Decisions like this come along once in a lifetime. It’s about our children and grandchildren; the kind of life they will have. It is about having a government that can be trusted and believed. It’s about the Congress and the President working for the good of the country and all its citizens, regardless of race or nationality. It’s about every American being able to put on a pair of work boots, pick themselves up and get to work making this country great again.

I believe a Trump administration can turn this country around and head it in the right direction by creating jobs, rebuilding the military, controlling immigration, and enforcing the law. I put my faith in Donald Trump to make America great again and hope you do too. May God bless America and help us to overcome the eight years of damage done by Obama.

David R. Scott

Beacon Falls