Letter: District fortunate to be represented by Conroy


To the editor,

The towns of Beacon Falls and Seymour and the City of Derby have been very fortunate to be represented by Theresa Conroy for six of the last eight years. The very way that she understands her role as our representative speaks to the way she has been able to accomplish so much for our district.

Theresa is very passionate about several issues that affect the people of her district including the opioid epidemic, vocational education, jobs and veteran issues.

Representative Conroy has also been very successful in being able to bring money back to our communities. She has secured more than $45 million dollars to be spent on local projects. The extensive list includes money for projects at Derby middle and high schools, an elevator for the Seymour American Legion hall so veterans can have access to the meeting rooms, rumble strips on Route 34, road and bridge work in Beacon Falls, and funding for the turf field and upgrades to the softball field and practice fields at Seymour High School. All of this money equates to about $1,900 per constituent. Talk about bringing tax dollars home, Theresa has been very successful. Theresa Conroy truly fights for and represents everyone in her district.

Paul Roy