Letter: Develop a new skill


To the editor,

Today we see many political definitions using name tags like, “left wing’, “right wing”, “progressive”, “conservative” and “socialist welfare.” These terms are used by the news media relating to where we are heading as a country.

Back in the dark ages, I took a college course called “A Study of American Government.” A term used back then that we don’t see used today seems most appropriate. When we look at the overall situation we are now enduring it is the slippery slope leading to a “benevolent dictatorship.”

There are many stories about the unemployed, the underprivileged and the need for welfare. Many people are in such situations because they have no marketable skills. They have gone through life without learning anything useful. They simply drop-out and hang-out. We must stop this nonsense.

If someone has a skill and can’t find employment it is because they forget the first word in “marketable skill.” If you can’t find a place for your skill the answer is for you to develop a new skill.

Raymond Kunz         

Beacon Falls