Letter: Deliver a message by voting


To the editor,

It would appear that Naugatuck is once again headed for a second budget referendum vote. I appreciate the efforts of the volunteers who collected the necessary signatures.

After the first vote we taxpayers were treated to a “polite ignore,” where we were treated to a few face-saving budget reductions, but no serious budget cuts. What I see happening once again is that our elected officials are going to ho-hum us through another, and possibly a third referendum, and then do exactly what they damn well please, namely a tax increase and a pat on the butt to go away for another year, and quite annoying us.

Elections are coming up and we should all take a hard, hard look at the composition and behavior of the school board and the rest of our elected officials. It is time to replace those who continue to treat us with contempt and derision.

As to budget cuts, it seems the municipal budget is constantly the sacrificial lamb offered to protect the school budget from serious cuts. And I am getting very tired of hearing the threats that we will have to close the library, the golf course and the senior center. Let’s get serious and stop these rather large pay increases in the school budget for administrators. Our hardworking taxpayers haven’t received pay raises throughout the fabulously successful Obama recession recovery, yet they are once again being asked to pay more and more taxes.

Has anyone noticed the ever increasing number of “For Sale” signs all over town? One need not wonder why people are having to either abandon their homes or move to another location they can afford. Naugatuck is the third highest taxed community in Connecticut, according to one source. I don’t know if this is true but I do know that we must be right near the top.

Let’s start demanding serious, meaningful, budget cuts this time; cuts that will not hurt services and will reduce waste and duplication.

And finally, be sure to get out and vote. When you don’t vote elected officials revile you as lazy and say it is an indication that you support their tax increases. Let’s deliver a resounding message. We don’t approve.

George L. Sirois