Letter: Current leadership is strong and effective


To the editor,

The candidate signs are inserted in lawns across town, newspaper ads lay out the candidate’s positions, and folks all over town are chatting up their candidates. On Nov. 3 Prospect will hold its election for mayor.

Globally, nationally, and in our own Connecticut state government we see economic turmoil, over spending, continuous tax increases, and leaders repeatedly breaking their promises made to its citizens. Those that voted for these leaders often say they were looking for change, unfortunately for all of us these changes have not been positive.

Now with the election right around the corner for Prospect mayor we all need to be certain we realize how strong and effective the current leadership has been in the most difficult of economic times. Starting with fiscal responsibility Mayor Bob Chatfield has held the line on increases and spending, treating every tax dollar like it was his own. He ensures we stay on budget by not spending more than the town receives, this may sound like common sense but it is rarely practiced today.

He has managed and maintained this conservative fiscal approach while at the same time investing in key areas like education and the future of learning for Prospect children, the senior center which is one of the best in our area, community events for all ages throughout the year, our town services and infrastructure.

There are so many intangibles Mayor Bob offers us as well, like personally and genuinely caring about this town and its people, giving 100 percent of himself every day to the betterment of Prospect, and having the proven experience to get Prospect through any situation and economic climate as we move forward.

We moved to Prospect eight years ago for all the reasons above. We love the old, small town community feel of Prospect. We love the lower property taxes; the positive small business climate; the town offerings to its youth; the investments made in educating our towns’ children; and we love a lot of the little things like the fact that when the first snowflake falls we know our town crews won’t be far behind.

We haven’t been disappointed in our short eight years here. We truly hope when Prospect goes to the polls on Nov. 3 it remembers how lucky we truly are and how leadership change in Prospect is definitely not needed. We will be proudly voting for Mayor Bob and team.

Scott and Brenda Martin