Letter: Conroy knows how to get the job done


To the editor,

I’m voting for Theresa Conroy to be our state representative because of her admirable record in representing Derby, Seymour and Beacon Falls.

Through her diligent leadership, she helped secure $3 million for the Derby athletic field project consisting of a new multipurpose artificial turf field with rubberized track and the relocation and construction of a baseball field in Derby. The project directly benefits the high school and middle school track programs, who have been without a usable home track for meets for more than a decade.

She also helped obtain $265,000 for the new field at Seymour High and $199,500 for Beacon Falls to repair road damage from flooding due to a lack of adequate drainage on Highland Avenue.

These are just a few examples of the funding she got for us in a challenging economy.

Faced with a billion-dollar state budget deficit, she also worked with her colleagues at the state Capitol and voted on a bipartisan budget that restored Medicaid reimbursement payments to the state’s hospitals, including funding for Griffin Hospital.

Theresa Conroy knows how to get the job done, and I’m voting for her in this election.

Kenneth Marcucio Sr.