Letter: Conroy has best interests of all in her thoughts


To the editor,

As a health care provider and our state representative, Theresa Conroy always has the best interests of all people uppermost in her thoughts.

This year, she worked on legislation and across party lines to address the distressing epidemic of abuse of prescription drugs. The legislation increases access to lifesaving overdose reversal drugs and increase prescriber education and drug treatment. Theresa’s knowledge as an advanced practice registered nurse makes her uniquely knowledgeable for dealing with this public health crisis.

Just a few months ago she co-hosted with our U.S. Senator Chris Murphy a roundtable discussion on the increase of heroin and opioid abuse in the Valley. Law enforcement, health care professionals, local officials and experts met at the Valley Substance Abuse Action Council to brainstorm ideas for dealing with the epidemic of drug abuse.

That’s the kind of leadership we need and that’s why I’m voting for Theresa Conroy.

Last year there more than 700 overdose-related deaths in the state, continuing a climbing rate of fatal overdoses over the years. And this year state officials are projecting more than 830 overdose deaths.

As a key member of the state legislature, Theresa Conroy helped the “Good Samaritan” protections to anyone administering an overdose reversal drug, like Narcan, to someone experiencing an overdose.

When we’re suddenly facing a crisis, we need people like Representative Conroy to jump him and work for us.

Susan Cable

Beacon Falls