Letter: Connecticut shouldn’t accept Syrian refugees


To the editor,

The basic premise for immigration is to enhance our American civil society. The well-being of American citizens comes before any idea that we should or must take in immigrants or refugees, especially with no assimilation rates. America has no obligation or responsibility to take in immigrants or refugees, Syrian refugees in this case.

We are the most charitable nation on earth. Uncontrolled immigration into America is Balkanizing us. We are losing our heritage, culture, traditions, values and language. And then all of these concerns don’t even address the economic or security issues. Even if the majority of the refugees were women and children, which they are not, (mostly men of military age), the recent attacks in San Bernardino show women are as capable as men in their intent and ability. Our federal law enforcement agencies have said there is no way to screen the refugees completely. Even if we were to vet them completely, they often become radicalized while here in America. America is a Judea-Christian nation. It is this moral foundation and these principles that influenced the nature of our founding documents, the Declaration and Constitution, and the essence of our legal system. These doctrines teach not only justice, but forgiveness.

The PC crowd tells us we must be tolerant of their culture and religion. No, they must be tolerant of ours. An imbedded reporter with the Syrian refugees was told by the refugees that the majority of them were not escaping persecution, but fleeing for economic benefits, and to enhance the education of their children. This does not meet the criteria for refugee status. Politicians are putting a political agenda ahead of the security and safety of it citizens. I guess the guilt of having the blood of innocent Americans killed by terrorists does not seem to bother our politically-motivated politicians or the politically, correct.

Mike Santangelo