Letter: Connecticut has become the expert in taxing


To the editor,

Given recent rumblings in Hartford regarding implementation of a mileage tax on vehicles I was reminded of the below. It is an excerpt from a poem on taxes.

“Tax all he has, then let him know. That you won’t be done till he has no dough.”

Connecticut has become the expert in taxing just about everything under the sun and levies over 100 different types of taxes on its citizens and business. To think that only a short 100 years ago there were no federal or state taxes to speak of. What happened? One word will answer it: politicians.

They (the politicians) are not all bad and many are good intentioned, but they have found too many, many ways to dig very, very deeply into the pockets of its citizens. My advice to the politicians in Hartford and to every city, town and hamlet in Connecticut is to lower taxes and spending in order to reverse the great the exodus out of Connecticut.

Hans Wenzel

Beacon Falls