Letter: Commissioner thanks girl scouts


To the editor,

On June 22, a wonderful group of young women woke up and instead of playing on their iPads or watching the morning cartoons, these fine young ladies volunteered their time helping to conserve nature.

The girl scouts from Troop 67821 took the day, grabbed their packs, work gloves and garbage bags, then hiked through thorn and bush to clean up the litter in the newest open-space park in Beacon Falls, Lantern Ridge.

The 22nd was the kickoff event for the troop, which has volunteered to be the park’s preservationists. On a monthly basis, this team of eco-friends, will remove the litter in the park and perform basic trail maintenance. On behalf of the Beacon Falls Conservation Commission, I would like say thank you to these future leaders and conservationists.

Michael Opuszynski

Conservation Commission member

Beacon Falls