Letter: Chatfield is a leader ideally suited to his calling


To the editor,

It is my pleasure to strongly endorse the re-election of a remarkable man, Mayor Bob Chatfield of Prospect.

Mayor Chatfield’s combination of absolute competence and total dedication to his community are rare enough; his close personal relationship to the people of Prospect makes him unique. He is a leader who remains a friend, a man we know and trust who gets the job done.

“Don’t switch horses in the middle of the stream,” is famous political advice. But it makes even less sense to dismiss leadership that has kept us on solid ground. While our state and nation suffer with the results of bad public policy, local government in Prospect remains reliable and effective. A sensible person won’t switch horses at all, so long as the work goes so well.

In Mayor Bod Chatfield, the town of Prospect has a leader ideally suited to his calling. I am confident the voters in their wisdom will keep him on the job.

Joe Markley


State Senator, 16th District