Letter: Charter changes would impact mayor’s role


To the editor,

The proposed Charter revision Prospect residents will vote on at the Nov. 8 election will change the form of government currently in practice since 1975.  While the most talked about revision is making elected positions appointed, which takes away our right to vote, the reality is that if the Charter revision passes, we will no longer have the mayor we elect making some of the decisions of how the town is run.

In looking at the content of the proposed revisions, I found 22 instances where the mayor will now have to seek the majority vote of the Town Council to make certain decisions.  The Town Council would also be in complete charge of police services. The proposed revision completely eliminates any input from the mayor with regards to Police Services.

I would hate to see Prospect residents going to the polls without understanding that a “Yes” vote on any of the five Charter revision questions would drastically change not only who serves our town, but also who makes the key decisions, and the financial aspects of those changes will increase our taxes drastically. As someone who was born and raised in Prospect and who chose to raise my family in Prospect, I urge you to vote “No” to all five questions and keep Prospect the amazing small town it is.

Anne Marie Burr

Assistant Tax Collector