Letter: Cars registered out of state need to be looked into


To the editor,

I have been reading about all the problems that the Connecticut DMV has been going through. A few days ago I was coming home from Naugatuck on Riggs Street into Oxford. I had a phone call, so I pulled over to the side of the road to answer it. I just happened to be right near the stop sign where the projects are, intersection Riggs and Country Club road or drive. I saw about seven or eight cars going into and out of the projects. One of the things that I noticed was that half of them had Vermont or Florida marker plates on them.

This made me wonder if some of the “no” voters on the electric plant are living in Oxford and have their cars registered out of state so they won’t have to pay their car taxes to Oxford and save money. I remember that about approximately 10 to 15 years ago a good friend of mine who lived in Oxford and owned some property at a ski area in Vermont had one of his cars registered there for that reason. I believe he ended up getting fined and having to pay his back taxes.

I do not know if this is still the law in Connecticut. But the tax collector in Oxford should look into this, it may be very interesting.

Dave Chemlen