Letter: Candidates should lay out Social Security plans


To the editor,

Several recent national articles have expressed the doomsday prediction that Social Security is dead and beyond repair. As a retiree this greatly worries me, but I am much more concerned for my children and grandchildren.

As currently set up, future retirees would be facing up to a $10,000 reduction in benefits by 2034. This can be avoided. The actual truth is that there are legitimate plans and options being discussed to update Social Security for the 21st century, making it financially sound for future generations.

I urge people of working age and retirees to contact our national leaders and candidates running for office. Every candidate should be asked to lay out their plan to update Social Security, so it is financially sound with adequate benefits. We have worked hard to pay into Social Security. We deserve to have a say and know how the candidates stand. Do it for yourself but, more importantly, do it for your children and grandchildren.

Rich Alhage