Letter: Candidates need to turn over a new leaf


To the editor,

Faces are gleaming, smiles are beaming and voices are booming. There’s also handshaking and door bell ringing. They are all symbols of election time.

All the candidates wanted to be re-elected. There’s a lot of loud talk and promises in addition to fulfilling some people’s dreams. But talk is cheap. They all have big plans and are great at spending taxpayers’ money. Big sports areas and community centers cost taxpayers a lot of money, and the candidates have often been heard saying something “is for the children.” Hah.

And all this time they’ve had no regrets when they swept their “dirty misdeeds” under the carpet. And the “dirty misdeeds” have kept increasing.

First they got rid of the Naugatuck Visiting Nurses Association. Then they disgustingly and shamefully disrespected the Naugatuck Historical Society by ousting them from their museum in the railroad station.

The library is seriously underfunded. Their work and library hours have been cut along with several area printed issues, and they have been reduced to doing some fundraisers to keep functioning like a library should.

In addition to that, the Naugatuck Senior Center is also seriously underfunded to the point they have to rely on donations and the crafters have to keep making items to sell to maintain the center’s upkeep.

Who would want to move to Naugatuck and raise a family all being aware that the quality, core people valuable to the town are being treated like crap and wondering if the same would happen to them?

How many candidates are going to turn over a new leaf, go back to the basics, redeem themselves and gain some wisdom from those they’ve turned their backs on?

Virginia Donnelly