Letter: Borough made Memorial Day memorable


To the editor,

I would like to thank both Mayor Robert Mezzo and the Naugatuck police for helping me make my 95-year-old mom’s viewing of the Memorial Day parade so memorable. I called the Town Hall asking if special parking accommodations could be made for us, since my mom, Ann Verbyla, can’t walk a great distance. In doing so I was directed to call the mayor.

Mayor Mezzo returned my call in a very timely fashion, explained that Capt. Hunt of the Naugatuck police force was aware of our situation and would alert his force that we needed assistance. I was told when we got to the Green to ask any police officer for help. He also gave me his cell number to use if needed.

The officer we asked opened up the road between the Green and the Congregational Church enabling us to drive through. He further directed us to park at the Town Hall parking lot, making it so convenient for us to set up mom’s chair in front of the Town Hall. It was the ideal viewing spot for her to enjoy.

At the end of the ceremonies on the Green, my mom asked to talk to the mayor. He graciously came down to chat with her and listen to some of her life’s stories. I was so overwhelmed by this small town’s efforts to make this day so meaningful for my mom and us. Unfortunately I was not able to get the name of the officer who assisted us, but hopefully he will be informed of this “Thank you.”

Many thanks go to Mayor Mezzo and the Naugatuck Police Department for making this event so stress-free. Mom hasn’t stopped talking about this beautiful Naugatuck Memorial Day parade, an event she has attended all of her life. Service like this only happens in a small town, the town I grew up in.

Barbara Lutkus