Letter: BOE chair forces vote on school sale


To the editor,

Being at the Oct. 28, 2015 Board of Education meeting, I would like to know what is taking so long for the Citizen’s News to report on the events at the meeting relating to the Prospect chairman of the BOE pushing forward with the vote event though at least two of the three Beacon Falls members of the BOE asked the board to wait on proceeding with moving forward and voting to accept Prospect’s offer to purchase Community School.

Why is Citizens News taking so long to report Mayor Bob making such a mad dash departure so some unspecified appointment or function that he almost broke a leg tripping over himself running out of the Long River library so he didn’t have to listen to First Selectmen Bielik address the screwing that the town of Beacon Falls is so kindly getting from the BOE, the Region and Prospect?

I understand that it has been a real heavy news week this past week when you are leading off with the Prospect “race,” Long River principle retiring, Naugatuck Ambulance wining their lawsuit and the Beacon Falls town meeting regarding the fuel cell proposal.

As a citizen of Beacon Falls, I will state that I am getting really freaking tired of getting outright abused and attacked for no other reason than to voice my concerns as a citizen regarding the “at best” questionable decisions and policies/issues created by the BOE and the Region by those who want to believe whole-heartedly what they are told. Many of us have been begging people to not listen to just us but to do their own homework and make their own decisions as to if the BOE and Region is acting in their and their children’s best interest.

I just mention that I question the BOE or ask someone a question regarding what they have done and I am accused of abusing the BOE and that person for no other reason than unfortunately having an independent thought and want to know the true facts. I have even had a father take a swing at me a few years ago at a Long River budget meeting because his child wanted to see the independent study done by another news source showing the questionable rankings that the BOE wants to burry.

It is time that people, including the news, take the time and ask the hard questions that the BOE and Region don’t want you to ask. I rather be proven wrong and eat my words than have the BOE continue with their standard practice of never answering any questions at their meetings thinking that they don’t have to be made accountable or answer anything.

Brian Ploss

Beacon Falls


  1. What I want to know and am desperately trying to find out is why 2 of our reps on the BOE WASTED their votes by abstaining. Dave and Priscilla did what several of us asked and walked out BUT our other 2 abstained allowing a quorum to stay in place and thus allowing the chair to ram the vote through.I mean what the heck if you dont have the fortitude to get up and leave then at least vote NO for your constituents.

  2. Keep up the good fight. You seem to be all alone. The media only prints what they see and here. If the BOS was truly looking out for our best interest they would be making all the noise your trying to do. And they probably would get more results. But as you can see they won’t rock any boats. Our only hope is that Mr Krenesky will bring some backbone to the BOS. I hope he is setting up for a 2017 run for the top spot.

  3. And to be frank bf, the fact that BOF is held responsible for budgeting in BF is why I am interested and following the BOE and the region.

  4. Um….well… to be frank thought about it and offered but was not taken up by the party since I had so much time elsewhere. But while you are correct that doesnt mean that I cant try to make change since very few others are trying….

  5. You seem more passionate about the BOE than the BOF. Maybe it was time for a change. They don’t seem to be listening to you.

  6. bf everyone already knows already hold an office which means my speaking out makes my job that much more difficult since many consider it a conflict between being a citizen and and official. I dont see it that way and will continue to speak out as needed as both.