Letter: Beacon Falls Pharmacy went above and beyond


To the editor,

On May 15, my family had planned to meet for dinner to celebrate our grandson’s 13th birthday, but Mother Nature had a different plan. My husband and I made it to the restaurant just in time to witness this unforgettable storm in total blackout with the emergency lights blinking and the full force of a tornado unfolding outside.

After leaving the restaurant we tried to make it home to Chatfield Farms, but, needlessly to say, we were not successful. We tried different approaches for more than two hours, but all access roads were closed, and as we drove towards Route 8 we passed by the Beacon Falls Pharmacy and saw the “open” sign blinking. We were not the only people in need of a bathroom and all were welcomed by Marion and Bob Bradley to use their facilities. We always felt that Beacon Falls Pharmacy went above and beyond to serve their customers and we appreciate their friendliness and professionalism. But on this scary evening it was comforting to see friendly faces, and we were blown away when Marion supplied us with the sorely needed medicine for my husband to keep him medicated and out of trouble until we could get home.

We are safely home now and in addition to thanking Eversource and first responders for doing an unbelievable job, we would like to thank our neighbors at Beacon Falls Pharmacy — we will remain their customers as long as we can make it down the hill.

Anna-Maria Schuebler

Beacon Falls