Letter: Beacon Falls has the best emergency response teams


To the editor,

Thank you to Beacon Hose Co. No.1/EMT and to my neighbors on Skokorat Road and Kaleas Way.

On May 23, I was in my backyard cutting trees from the previous tornado when I found myself trapped underneath one of the trees that had fallen. It had pinned my foot to the ground. I started to yell for my brother who came running out the house to help. With no avail he was not able to get me free. One by one I noticed all my neighbors surrounding me trying to lift the large tree off of me. My neighbor Crystal stayed with my mom and called 911.

The response time of Beacon Hose Co. No. 1 and the EMTs seemed like just minutes. When they arrived they immediately went to work on getting me free and in no time they got the job done. The EMTs were right there to put me on the stretcher and into the ambulance. I was then brought to Waterbury Hospital’s trauma unit where all of the staff were beyond fantastic. I was released within three hours and with very little injury to my foot

Words cannot express how grateful I am to all my neighbors and to the Beacon Hose No. Co. 1. I am so appreciative to the neighbors who came to my aid that night, they are true neighbors. I can say without a doubt that Beacon Falls has the best emergency response teams around and will always be thankful for your service.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my brother, Allen, for trying everything he could to help me the night, big time grateful.

Sean Beckwith

Beacon Falls