Letter: Beacon Falls family thankful for benefit dinners


To the editor,

Crazy things can happen when a person is least expecting. One day you are working and the next you are in the emergency room being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer that had traveled to the brain.

You ask yourself, why? However, only God knows. I have to be strong — for life, for my family and my friends. I am strong like a bull and will fight this until the end.

Thank God for the beautiful and caring family and friends that I share in my life. A benefit dinner was put together for me at the Eagles Club in Naugatuck on April 21 and another one on June 1 at the Naugatuck Portuguese Club. I was overwhelmed at the turnout of both benefits. It is so nice to know that not only family and friends, but people I don’t even know are there to support me in a time unexpected.

My wife, my family and I would like to thank each and every one that shared their time, and all the hard work put in to both benefits is greatly appreciated. They are all special people to us and will not be forgotten. Remember to live for today, because tomorrow may never be there.

Delfim Regalado

Beacon Falls