Letter: Author appreciates support


To the editor,

I would like to show my appreciation to the people who supported my book, “Silent and Grateful Tears.” Because of your generosity I have been able to send a percentage of the book’s proceeds to Father Flanagan’s Boys and Girls Town located in Nebraska.

I would particularly like to give thanks to the Beacon Falls Senior Center, where I had my first book signing; the Ladies Guild of St. Michael’s Church Beacon Falls for hosting a book signing and discussion; the Beacon Falls Pharmacy for allowing me to put my book on their shelves for sale; to Naugatuck Valley Savings and Loan in Beacon Falls for displaying my poster; to all my friends who purchased my book and supported my efforts.

I continually receive letters from the residents of Father Flanagan’s, who are happily changing their lives because of the help they receive at Father Flanagan’s Boys and Girls Town.

Thank you.

Liz Falzone

Beacon Falls